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WIFI Solutions

Wireless networks have evolved into a valuable tool for increasing productivity and facilitating information sharing. Employees can roam where they need to within the office and have constant access to the tools they need to complete their jobs with untethered access to documents, emails, applications, and other network resources.

Small and medium-sized enterprises can use our unified wireless networking solutions to build highly flexible, highly productive work environments at a low cost. Wi-Fi is now found in practically all devices, including desktops, AIOs, laptops, and mobile devices, and Wi-Fi technology is constantly developing.

Smart Enterprise Wireless LAN

Enterprise users are fed up with shaky connections, lost packets, and unpredictable performance when it comes to WiFi. They require a more intelligent wireless LAN (WLAN) system with significantly improved coverage, capacity, and dependability. When it comes to creating and providing Enterprise WiFi Solutions, Jointech Infra Pvt Ltd offers unrivalled knowledge and competence.

  • Everything is effortless because it’s pluggable, meshable, and simple to install/configure/expand, with automatic client administration and advanced security.
  • The best WiFi on the planet, thanks to WLAN-wide optimum signal path selection, automatic WLAN-wide interference avoidance, and WLAN-wide adaptive RF coordination that adapts to the ever-changing WiFi environment.

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