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Rack servers

Rack servers are offered with AMD EPYC or Intel Xeon Scalable Processors to maximise performance across a wide range of applications. Pre-configured, tested, and certified vSAN Ready Nodes are also available.

Tower servers

Tower servers are appropriate for small, large, and distant offices because of their performance, versatility, and quiet operation. Mini towers to rack-capable platforms are available in a variety of sizes.

Network Attached Storage

For easy data sharing, network attached storage with automatic setup and data management capabilities is available. A cluster-ready NAS that simplifies data management by allowing for quick deployment and integration as well as high availability.

Direct Attached Storage

With the simplicity, performance, and affordability of an entry-level block storage array, it's purpose-built and designed for price-sensitive SAN and DAS settings. Small-medium organisations may get high-end storage easily and economically.

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